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The discoverer and inventor Dr. Shimanishi from Japan


Dr. Asao Shimanishi is the discoverer of the Super Mineral Solution so named by him.

An extract from an article in the December 2000 issue of the Hado-Magazine

This article was published in the December 2000 issue of the Hado newspaper. Hado is a monthly publication in Japan, founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

This article is a translation from the Japanese of the interview "Super Mineral Water: Minerals Extracted from Rocks: Activating Enzymes and Improving Organ Activity".


It is not up for discussion whether the human body needs minerals. A mineral does not exist without a chemical compound. Their synergistic effect contributes to our health. At the beginning of his scientific research, Dr. Asao Shimanishi discovered the power of ions in sulfuric acid to synergize with minerals. Eventually he discovered the patented method of creating what he called Super Mineral Solution. Today we ask Dr. Shimanishi about the relationship between our bodies and minerals. These minerals start their work by bringing together enzymes in our body.

Dr. Shimanishi Sensei, when did you find your interest in minerals?

Dr. Shimanishi:
My main study was actually not mineral science at all, it was pharmaceutical science. About 40 years ago, I was particularly attracted to the mystery of the inner workings of the earth and rocks. Rock formations are known to be quite hard, but only after a very long swelling process and eventually push their way to the earth's surface.

Minerals contained in these rocks are dissolved in water and help the growth of living organisms and help to decompose them again after their death, after which these organic substances and minerals decompose back into the earth. This is a recurring cycle.

The relationship between water and minerals is symbiotic: water serves to dissolve minerals and as a carrier. Without water, the minerals would be useless. When these minerals dissolve in water, they charge the water electrically and turn it into salt. These minerals fulfill an enormous task. From now on, the minerals and the water are equally important. There is only one problem: the degree of effectiveness depends on the quality of the water.

You can't say that tap water is good water, can you?

Dr. Shimanishi:
Nowadays, chlorine is used for many purposes in the chemical industry. It is also used to disinfect drinking water, but, as you know, it is also used for fertilizers, BHC, germicides, insecticides and in plastic manufacturing. Generally speaking, chlorine is useful in tools and machine parts. But when it gets into the body, it is dangerous, especially when mixed with water and food.

The USA and Japan use chlorine to reduce bacteria. In Europe, ozone is used for this purpose.

I have been thinking about the following: recently, young people between the ages of 7 and 16 have become violent. We are regularly shown incidents where young people have used firearms. We do not hear such news in Europe. We have not received any such news from Germany and France. In my opinion, it could have something to do with what kind of water they drink.

The disinfection standard for water in Japan is also based on chlorine and this kills everything bad and good alike. This standard was introduced here by GHQ, the American occupation force after World War II. The methods that America uses are based on the principle of total annihilation. Either black or white. Scientists have pointed out that the Japanese water contains the so-called trihalomethane (THM). Our politicians have done nothing to renew and introduce a new water treatment law. If they did, various industries would be disadvantaged. The beverage industry imports rock salt and produces caustic soda from it by breaking it down electrically. In this environment, young people are affected by this "freak-out" phenomenon in connection with acts of violence.

So what do we need to do to improve the water quality?

Dr. Shimanishi:
The first and most important thing is that we remove pollutants from the water. This process is divided into five steps:
1. filtering out visible pollution,
2. the removal of pests,
3. cleaning of rotten organic materials and food residues dissolved in the water,
4. filtering out petrochemical synthetic substances that do not otherwise occur in nature,
5. and finally the extraction of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium.

If you do the previous steps very thoroughly, you have produced distilled water. But the answer to your question as to whether this is good water and whether it is good for living organisms is not positive. There are many reasons for this, but simply removing harmful substances is not enough. Without mineral additives, the water is not good enough. This process involves adding as much minerals as possible.

What do you mean by adding minerals?

Dr. Shimanishi:
So just now I was talking about the trend of violence among youth. This has nothing to do with spiritual abnormality, but more to do with the balance of hormones in the body. It has a lot to do with the mixture of substances in the body. There are a lot more than 50,000 enzymes in our body, but we only know the structure of 2,000 of them.

As an analogy, I would like to explain the following: if we call "female" the "receiver" and "male" the "giver", and we know that enzymes are female, then minerals are "male". In this relationship, "female" is superior and can therefore choose their "partners" from among the minerals. But the other way round, enzymes cannot be activated if the right "partner" minerals are not present. Minerals enter the body through food and water and can only do their job once they have been brought together with the right enzyme. There are more than 80 different minerals on earth.

For example, if enzymes want to produce blood, they can only start doing so if the mineral "iron" is present, while no matter what other minerals are not used for this. It is similar with male hormones which only need zinc. As if it were one: the female sex hormone in the male body waits patiently for its partner "zinc". Every living being, whether plant, animal or human, can only continue its life if it can absorb the necessary minerals from the water.

Do we understand correctly when You say that Your Super Minerals solution can solve those problems you mentioned earlier?

Dr. Shimanishi:
Super Mineral Solution and disease.
After people started drinking water with the mineral solution, in many cases the diseases are largely cured. Unfortunately, it is legally forbidden to claim that our Super Mineral Solution cures diseases. I have had to go to great lengths to ask people not to make such statements. But did the Super Minerals help cure the disease? The key is in the way the minerals activate the enzymes in the body and help the body's own healing processes in the organs.
For example: a diabetic has a high sugar level in the blood. Diabetes is a condition in which the insulin created in the pancreas is not distributed well in the body. If you go to a hospital with Western medical technology, you will be injected with extra insulin to lower the blood level. But if you use this method, you discourage the pancreas from continuing its natural function. So the pancreas works worse and worse. The Super Minerals contain the mineral necessary for this process to activate the enzymes so that the pancreas can perform its natural function. The pancreas is therefore supported.

Super Minerals solution and water clusters.
There is another important factor of water. It is a courier that transports important minerals in the body. The smaller the water clusters, the better the water. A water cluster consists of a number of interconnected water molecules. The smaller a water cluster is, the better and faster it can transport minerals in the body. Our Super Mineral Solution breaks the large water clusters into pieces. Normally there are about 12 water molecules in a water cluster. In water mixed with the Super Mineral Solution, there are on average only 6, which means that fewer harmful elements can become trapped in it. The result is cleaner water that is better absorbed by the body and can transport minerals to the cells.

Super mineral solution and activated oxygen.
Water is a wonderful and mysterious being. It is not flammable, although it consists of two flammable elements. I would like to say a few words about ions.

Ions are electrical energy and when this energy is conducted in water, the elements in the water are either activated or deactivated. When our Super Minerals solution is mixed into the water, they - as a catalyst - start the transformation process of oxygen and then activated oxygen is produced, a very strong oxide author.

Many people consider activated oxygen to be harmful. Do you realize that we humans could not live without it?

The oxygen in the air is relatively weak in terms of activation. We breathe it in and it enters the blood through the lungs, where it reacts with the minerals present and is activated. This activated oxygen then burns the organic substances in the blood and enables the body temperature to reach 36.5 degrees Celsius, but only if there are enough minerals in the blood.

What is ageing and what causes it? The cause is oxidized residues: organic "ash". We need very powerful activated oxygen to oxidize these remains so that they can be eliminated from our body. We age when - over the years - this process no longer works 100% and the residues burden our body. With our Super Mineral Solution our body is well equipped to support this cleansing process to keep our body 100% clean.

Super Mineral Solution and vegetation.
Plants provide us with these minerals, which they in turn have to extract from the soil in which they grow. Can we expect the creation of carbohydrates if we only had carbon dioxide, water and sunlight available? Of course not. Photosynthesis can only take place if the necessary minerals are also present in the plant as co-partners.

Plants use their roots to excrete acid in the soil, which binds or dissolves in the soil. This then absorbs the minerals contained in the soil. The minerals are then transported to the leaves and are used in the photosynthesis process. The most important mineral in the green leaf pigment is magnesium. If there is not enough magnesium in the garden, the vegetables will not taste good. In the past, we used human feces as fertilizer in Japan. Thus, the minerals were reused. Nowadays, we use chemical fertilizers, which means that we eat vegetables that are low in minerals.

How are minerals from the soil different from those from the oceans?

Dr. Shimanishi:
Recently, water from the depths of the oceans has been attracting attention. The minerals in salt water can be divided into two groups. The lighter class of minerals, such as sodium and magnesium, and the heavier class. Minerals that we humans need belong to the heavier class of minerals. These are also abundant in the deep waters of the oceans and are undoubtedly good for us.

However, the problem is that a mineral never exists without a chemical bond with other elements. Minerals in the deep water of the oceans have a connection with chlorine. So when it comes to the mineral sodium, it exists as sodium chloride, with magnesium as magnesium chloride. In a positively-charged state, metals are directly associated with other negatively-charged elements and very often chlorine. We need to investigate further how minerals behave in the body when they are in contact with chlorine. These minerals in deep sea water should not be given unlimited importance, simply because they are important minerals.

Our super minerals are sulphuric acid in combination with positively charged minerals. Sulphur is the fifth most abundant element on earth. Japan is sitting on a lot of volcanic sulfur and that's why there are so many natural springs that smell like sulfur. Sulfur combined with minerals creates amino acids in organisms and edible vegetation that contains these amino acids tastes the best. Many minerals combine with sulfuric acid to form stable molecules. Positively-charged minerals seek the best possible and most compatible marriage partners, analogous to marital relationships. If the "marriage" between the two is not quite right, the positively-charged minerals change their sulphuric acid partners until they are completely compatible. This type of compatibility is also called "ionic tendency". Minerals in sulphuric acid compounds are very stable, whereas compounds with chlorine are easily formed, but are rather unstable and also dissolve again quickly, so are not so faithful to each other.

Our Super Mineral solution consists of minerals extracted from black mica embedded in granite using sulphuric acid. When this solution is mixed with tap water, the oxygen it contains is activated.

The origin of life is derived from this oxidation. The water itself is now also activated and the water clusters become smaller. Decaying organic substances (technical term: trihalomethane or THM) become entangled in large water clusters and thus mix in the water. When water clusters are small, it is more difficult for the substances to "hold their own" in the water and settle out of the water, which automatically cleanses the water of many toxins. This logical step in the water purification process makes it better for our bodies.

How did You come up with the idea of extracting the minerals from black micas in particular?

Dr. Shimanishi:
Some time ago, I was involved in a study about discharging radioactive water from a nuclear reactor. There was a certain material that absorbed the radioactivity and worked on the principle of ion exchange. This material consisted of so-called vermiculites (worm stone), an ion-exchanging material.

When I got hold of this material and was able to examine it, I realized that vermiculite is actually rock made of foaming mica.

Mica outside Japan was almost all white, but black mica is much richer in minerals. Then I started looking for this black mica in Japan and found it in granite. Our super mineral solution is extracted from it. So it is not chemically produced. On the contrary, it is extracted from nature without any further treatment.

Why did you develop the Super Mineral Solution?

Dr. Shimanishi:
My studies did not start with drinking water research. I started this work because I was interested in the purification of polluted water. The water in rivers, streams and lakes is extremely polluted. This is caused by run-off water from industrial and residential facilities. I was particularly concerned about pollution from synthetic detergents and waste from oil-based products. We have tried to purify the water using bacteria, but these have limited success. Because I had previously started with heavily contaminated industrial water, purifying tap water was relatively easy for me.

I experimented with wastewater from restaurant kitchens and abattoirs by adding 5 drops of Super Mineral Solution, specially developed for this type of sludgy wastewater, to the water. Immediately, carbon dioxide gases escaped from the water as it oxidized. This liquid has a strong acidity (pH 0.5 to 1.0). But don't worry about that. Chlorine, sulphuric acid and sulphuric acid salt are inorganic acids and are dangerous on their own, but pose no threat when combined with minerals. If these acids are in a stable state, you will not injure your skin if you come into contact with them. However, if you were to drop a drop of it on a piece of cotton, it would burn a hole in it, but they are surprisingly safe for us humans and animals.

After a while, you can visibly see a separation of the sludge in the water mixed with the super mineral solution and the water on the surface becomes more transparent. Effectively, the minerals have now greatly reduced the size of the water clusters and so the sludge that was previously stuck in the large water clusters is automatically detached and settles at the bottom of the reservoir. When this is filtered out, the water is very clean and will no longer have any odor. The special thing is that the sludge filtered out is now also harmless to the environment and can be disposed of carefree.

This process illustrates how quickly Super Minerals can remove organic contamination and produce clean water. This technology will soon be used in Russia. Japan is very reluctant to use this technology and it is not really accepted. I think Japan is very behind in this field.

Tell us something about Your future plans?

Dr. Shimanishi:
Publishing this interview in "The Hado" Magazine the awareness and understanding of this technology. Even if not everyone sees the same result in the experiment and does not understand the whole process, I believe that the awareness of the person doing the experiment is very important. I work as a value-added scientist and I don't want to exclude or drive out other technologies. We humans need to work with each other. This is my wish and, by doing this, we will be able to clean up the earth faster and make it a livable environment again.

An extract from lecture from 2005

I have been working in the water industry for a long time. Today I would like to share some of my thoughts with you under the title "Water, now and in the future".

Long ago, farmers honored, feared and served the god of water with great respect.

Only plants can create organic substances. All animals, including predators, depend on plants. If there are no plants in the environment, the fate of the animals is hunger and death.

In other words, the yield of plants depends on water. Although the importance of water is very great, very few studies are devoted to it because it is more fashionable to study petrochemistry and high-polymer chemistry.

About ten years ago, water studies suddenly appeared in the academic world.

A hundred years ago, nobody would have guessed that water used to put out fires would ever be considered a source of energy.

The total amount of water on earth is about 1.4 billion cubic kilometers, 97.5% of which is seawater. The amount available for land animals is between 0.003% and 0.008% of the remaining water.

And because of this fact we have already experienced many conflicts in different parts of the world and more wars are expected.

Today, deforestation is responsible for global warming in many regions of the world. Floods are frequent due to heavy rains and rivers are difficult to control. We are forced to treat the water again and again.

Water is a wonderful and mysterious thing. It is not flammable, although it consists of two flammable elements.

As you probably know, water consists of hydrogen and oxygen ions and remains irreversibly in this state, even though the plus and minus ions are separated from each other.

We can no longer use this water as soon as it is contaminated with various dissolved pollutants. We have to filter out these pollutants, otherwise we will soon suffer a bottleneck. We have to work day and night to make the contaminated water reusable.

Contaminated water is water in which organic and/or inorganic substances are "trapped" in the spaces between the water molecule clusters. These clusters look like vines. Some are colloidally trapped, others have simply mixed with the water. Pollution means that pollutants in the water decay. The water itself remains molecularly unchanged at all times.

To prove this point again: run water through a reverse osmosis or distillation process. Then filter out the pollutants. Afterwards you will find that the water is still unchanged. Water is and remains water. It is the pollutants that rot in the water, not the water itself. That is a fact. Water is indeed a wonderful and mysterious thing.

All water on earth, whether in rain, rivers or groundwater, is pure, pure water. Unfortunately, all these waters are more or less polluted. So we have to remove as many pollutants as possible so that we humans can use them again without hesitation and thus help us to survive.

So far, we have mainly used microbes, as nature has always done. Unfortunately, this is not enough to remove the petrochemical pollutants. These pollutants are our main concern today. And very little is being done about them.

The amount of oxygen in water is 900 grams per kilogram, or in other words: 16 out of a total of 18 parts are oxygen.

My original idea was to take advantage of this oxygen in the water, which contains energy in the form of ions. This energy is not in the oxygen that we breathe in. By activating this oxygen to increase oxidation, I could stop the process of rotting and remove the organic pollutants in the process of sticking.

The oxygen in the air can dissolve in the water, but the potential of this type of oxygen is too limited to be able to purify water. This is known in scientific circles, but it has not been pursued and they have given up on water purification using oxygen.

So, instead of focusing on dissolved oxygen, we have decided to activate the oxygen already present in the water molecules. This type of oxygen is called "radical oxygen" or "-OH" and is created by adding minerals in an ionized state. We have had great success with this approach.

These new ideas and approaches have been chemically tested with precision instruments and are now used in various water purification technologies.

It has also been proven that this approach, which I call the "activated oxygen formula", is not only effective as a water purification method, but also to support the growth of plants and animals. This method has caused a great boom in the agricultural and fishing industries.

70% of our human body consists of water. 70% of the earth consists of water and for plants it is even 90%. Need I further emphasize how important water is to us. Without water, no organic life would exist on earth.

On average, the earth is covered by several meters of water but not one gram of water has ever left the earth. In one form or another, water remains on the earth and is used again and again. The water and the earth are connected to each other.

Therefore, we must treat this water with the utmost respect, humility, care and gratitude, otherwise we will quickly come to our end.

Water does not belong to any one country or race. It must be used with equal care by all of us. It belongs to all living beings. We must do everything we can to ensure that no wars are fought over it.

A team of scientists from the University of Tokyo (led by Prof. Shinichi Someya), the University of Wisconsin and the University of Miami have concluded that OH radicals, previously identified as the cause of aging, have no effect at all on the aging of the human body. The team also found the part of damaged DNA in the mitochondria (a small organ of a human cell) that is responsible for the aging process.

The results were published in the July 15, 2005 issue of the journal NATURE. It was previously thought that active oxygen, also known as radical oxygen, would oxidize the cells in the body, damaging genes and cell membranes and accelerating the aging process. The market is full of anti-ageing products. According to Prof. Someya: "In laboratory tests we were able to establish that radical oxygen has no effect on the mitochondria in the cells. This new understanding will lead us to completely new anti-ageing developments".

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