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Himalayan Salt Bricks

What are bodyRevitaliser Himalayan Salt Bricks?

They consist of Himalayan salt, which contains all 84 essential minerals needed for a healthy body and is not without reason called the' white gold' in the Himalayan region. The salt is many millions of years old and flawless, undisturbed by water and air pollution. A Himalaya Salt Brick is cut to size with laser from large salt blocks, which explains why they look so nice flat.

What do you use Himalayan Salt Bricks for?

Himalayan-Saltstones are usually used to build a salt sauna. You can build one wall or even an entire sauna with Himalaya Salt Stones. Leading the hot water vapour along these Himalaya Salt Stones, this vapour absorbs Himalayaya salt crystals, which are absorbed through the breathing and skin of the sauna visitor. It acts antiseptic and provides a natural regeneration of the skin, so that it feels nourished, soft and well-balanced.

However, you can also use the Himalayan salt stones for a dry, backlit room. Or simply as a very decorative wall in your home or bathroom or your winter garden with infrared or LED lighting.

Advantages of bodyRevitaliser Himalaya Salt Bricks

The high salt content of the air, in the room where the Salt Stones are placed, has beneficial effects, especially for your respiratory tract and your skin. The "sea air"climate helps with the weather. (skin) allergies, asthma, bronchitis, fibrosis, eczema, coughs, hay fever and ear infection. Himalayan Salt Brick Energy is vitalizing and promotes a positive emotional and mental mood. Good experience has already been gained as part of a therapy to help relieve anxiety.

The salmon pink/orange light has a calming, soothing effect on everyone who stays in the room. Wellness pure! Decorative fantastic!

Create your own wellness oasis and order your bodyRevitaliser Himalaya Salt Bricks now.


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