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Magnesium Bathing Salt

What is Magnesium Bathing Salt and what is it for?

Magnesium Bathing Salt is mined in a mine in the northern part of the Netherlands, an area called 250 million years ago the Zechstein Sea: Magnesium is essential for all Your cells, nerves, digestive system, blood, skin and production of >300 enzymes. Since the body cannot store magnesium, a daily supplement is highly recommended. bodyRevitaliser Magnesium Bathing Salt consists of white flakes and is easily soluble in water.

Why is Magnesium Bathing Salt useful as a supplement?

A structural Magnesium shortage exists with about 90% of the world's population. This is mainly due to the "mineral poverty" of our food, drinking water and agricultural land. If You have muscle cramp, Your shortage is already quite acute. Your immune system uses the magnesium available in Your body in digestion, enzyme production, cell metabolism and cellular division, connective tissue, in Your brain, Your muscles and connective tissue and hundreds of processes in Your organs, etc. You can use it both internally and externally, but Your digestive system cannot "digest" as much magnesium as You need. Hence, bodyRevitaliser Magnesium Bathing Salt.

How do You use Magnesium Bathing Salt?

Put the bodyRevitaliser Magnesium Bathing Salt in a 37° hot-water bath (living or footbath), lie in it for about 20 minutes. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin pores and can therefore be used anywhere in Your body. Try it Yourself and order Your own bodyRevitaliser Magnesium Bathing Salt.

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