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bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card, protection against 99% of all EMF-radiation variations (also 5G)

bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card

What is this?

At bodyRevitaliser we know that You - of course! - want to be as healthy as possible and the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card is a powerful tool that can help You to harmonize and strengthen Your energy.

Furthermore, with the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card You have a practical tool to significantly reduce the negative effects of so-called EMF transmitters (i.e. 3G, 4G, 5G transmitter masts, WLAN, mobile phones, smart meters, etc.). The problem is that  we are exposed to enormous amounts of non-natural, man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) every day (including 5G). Since our body is more than 80% water, the water in our body literally vibrates at these different frequencies. The EMF radiation, which vibrates with disharmonic properties, creates disharmony in our body.

The bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card has a large effective range of about 3 meters. You can carry this card with You all the time. Everything within the effective range of the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card is harmonized.

The bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card has two so-called power boost metal strips on the upper and lower sides. Tests have shown that the contact of Your fingers with these strips increases the power of the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card through the electricity of Your body and can be used for all kinds of ailments.

For spiritually oriented users, a further special feature is that bodyRevitaliser pre-loads the EMF Harmony Card with a so-called "external Merkaba, an energy field in torus form", which can be further energized by the user through targeted meditation in order to further enhance the effectiveness of the Harmony Card.

Both sides and symbols

The side with the arrows produces a clockwise rotating energy that is energizing.

The side with the loops generates a left-turning energy that is calming. The symbols have specific geo-biological characteristics. It also helps with sleeping and many people report that they no longer need to go to the toilet at night and can therefore sleep through the night.

Key effect of the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card

Here we see an example of the negative, disturbing effect of strong EMF radiation. The water structures are broken down and this has many negative biological effects in the body. The bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card, on the other hand, functions as a resonator, which returns a strong coherent, harmonic resonance frequency and recovers the healthy, hexagonal water structures.

The differences in the crystallization of saliva when exposed to EMF radiation in the left picture compared to the same EMF radiation and the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card were examined. What we see is that with exposure to EMF radiation, a disturbed and disharmonic crystal formation occurs and that with the same exposure to the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card, a harmonic and structured crystal structure is created.


Several tests have shown that holding the metal strips on the sides of the card enhances the card's functionality. This is because the body itself generates a number of millivolts by touching the strips and the resonator amplifies them. In this way, the local effects of EMF radiation can be directly counteracted by focusing the card on it.

Additionally, the choice between the Yin and Yang side of the card is a way to see whether Your body needs to be activated or calmed.

ALWAYS take it with You!

Take the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card with You every day, e.g. in Your trouser pocket, breast pocket, handbag, backpack, or put the card on Your desk during work. At night You can put the card on Your bedside table, flat or on its side. Or put it under Your pillow.


Or put it under Your pillow.

The bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card also helps You sleep better. Due to the extreme EM radiation from the mobile phones, well known to us, the cell towers required for this communication, alarm clock radios, microwave ovens, televisions, electricity wiring in Your own home, Your sleep intensity is also negatively affected. In a recent study (Prof. Dr. Richard Wagner, biophysics, University of Osnabrück, Germany) it was determined and proven that Your pineal gland regards electro-smog as light and thus inhibits the production of melatonin, which is necessary for a good sleep cycle, and thus interferes with Your ability to fall and stay asleep, with all its consequences.


Other Applications

  • Harmonize Your drinking water by placing the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card under Your glass or beside Your water filter.
  • Place the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card next to Your fruit and vegetables.
  • Help Your plants by placing the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card next to Your plants.

The possibilities for using the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card are endless, mainly because it affects the molecular structure of water molecules.

Protection in rooms

The bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card can also be used in a spatial arrangement.

This is a useful method where several people stay in the same room for a longer period of time, e.g. in the office and other workplaces. To achieve sufficient "coverage", several bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Cards are of course required.

As a rule of thumb, the effective coverage of the card is the effective range of the card, taking into account an overlap of 50 cm between the individual cards. Spatial EMF protection can improve the living atmosphere in a room.

Card distribution on an area of almost 40 m2. In this example, 6 bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Cards are required (radius 3 meters, with ± 50 cm overlap)

If desired, the cards can be placed invisibly in rooms under various objects or by sticking bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card under or behind tables, benches, cabinets, appliances, etc. with double-sided adhesive tape.

The development of the bodyRevitaliser EMF Harmony Card

This card is the first in a series of developments that we will present to You. Our research center, which was developed in the Netherlands by a team of a doctor, a medical cell researcher and a biologist, has created a map that represents the solution to a major problem of our time.

With the introduction of new technologies and new means of communication, we are facing a new health challenge due to the increased use of computers and cell phones, but also due to the new 5G technology, intelligent measuring devices and high frequency WLAN.

Nowadays we are constantly surrounded by high-frequency electromagnetic fields with up to 30 to 300 gigahertz and a power of at least 30,000 watts. We literally live in a microwave oven.

Like an Antenna

The effect of this card is manifold. It is a receiver that absorbs non-natural electromagnetic waves and converts them into natural and strengthening body field energy. For the antenna we have developed a special composition of metals, including bismuth, which helps to adapt at high frequencies and at the same time ground us.


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