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Zeolite Detoxification Mineral

What is Zeolite Detoxification Mineral?

Micronized Natural Activated Clinoptilolite Zeolite:

Zeolite Detoxification Mineral comes into being, when hot lava flows into saline-alkaline water. Clinoptilolite is a crystal-like extremely porous mineral, but has a strong cage-shaped honeycomb structure and is the only consumable variant. Already in 1756 the detoxification properties were discovered. Each Zeolite-fragment is negatively charged, which enables it to attract positively charged molecules and are being "docked".

What are the benefits of Zeolite Detoxification Mineral

Zeolite Detoxification Mineral is able to attract all kinds of toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals and pharmaceutical substances that may come into Your body's cells, tissues and organs. They are transported out of Your body, so Your body is freed of all this "waste", which interferes with the normal functioning of cells and organs.

It also helps improve the pH level in Your body to a healthy alkalinity. After a short initial period, many people report a feeling of increased energy, vitality and brightness after the removal of the collected heavy metals from the body.

Strong and unique structure of Zeolite

Zeolite has a unique structure similar to a honeycomb. Each small pore in each compartment of a Zeolite fragment is negatively charged, which leads to other positively charged molecules being attracted and dressed up. They are absorbed and fixed in these pores. The strong cage-shaped structure of Zeolite prevents it from breaking and protects the bond between Zeolite and the positively charged molecules contained in it.

Pulsed or micronized?

The quality of a Zeolite supplement depends very much on the processing method. It can be ground or micronized. Grinding is done by machines directly at the mine, using machines to pulverize Zeolite into powder. The honeycomb structure of Zeolite is often broken down in small fragments when it is ground. Because of this it no longer resembles Zeolite and it is no longer usable as a medical substance. On the other hand, the structure of Zeolite is maintained by micronizing. This process requires specialized machines, which use lasers to cut through the pieces of Zeolite.

Micronized Clinoptilolite is very safe and will help You detoxify Your body. You can test Yourself which method has been used: when the Zeolite feels rough like sand, it is pulverized. Micronized Zeolite is much softer and feels more like flour.

Different types of Zeolite

Based on the specific mineral released by the contact between lava and salt water, different types of Zeolite are formed. Although Zeolite is also produced industrially for specific industrial chemical purposes, we stick - as You know - to the intelligence of Nature!

There are different types of Zeolite, classified in these categories: fibrous, leafy and crystalline. Only one category is safe to use:"Clinoptilolite". Zeolite health aids should only consist of natural crystalline Clinoptilolite.

Composition bodyRevitaliser Zeolite detoxification mineral:

Silicon oxide ~65%, Water ~14%, Alumina ~12% (anchored inside the structure), Sodium oxide ~5%, minimal amounts of Potassium, Barium, Iron and Calcium oxide. (As it is a natural product, the composition may vary slightly between different production cycles.)

What can it be used for?

Zeolite has many different applications:

Industrial use:

  • As a filter for radioactive liquids, water and containers (this can be encapsulated in a thick layer of Zeolite powder to isolate the radioactive contents),
  • for long-term storage of compressed biogas,
  • in the petrochemical industry it is used as a alkaline addition for products,
  • as a basis for detergents and in dishwasher filters,
  • as an addition to the production process of hot asphalt concrete.

Health purposes, using natural Clinoptilolite:

  • Water and detoxification filtration (>aquaRevitaliser Zeolite Filter Mineral),
  • In a natural way, detoxifying Your body,
  • Alkalizing or neutralizing an "acidified" body or an acidic stomach,
  • calming stomach after (too) abundant meal,
  • attracting/binding radioactive materials (successfully implemented in radioactive zones in Ukraine, USA and Russia). Realize You, that in some areas with heavy industry (slightly) radioactive water indeed comes out of the tap.

What can it do for You?

During human consumption, Zeolite is able to attract all kinds of positively charged toxins, such as heavy metals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals that are present in Your body cells, tissues and organs. These fabrics will be taken from You
body transported, freeing Your body from "waste", so that the blood is better able to supply and process nutrients (and Zeolite) in the cells. "Waste" impedes the normal functioning of cells and organs. The Zeolite is then charged with the absorbed harmful substances, and is therefore able to move safely through the body and finally be discharged.

This natural process with this natural material is available in nature and completely perfect: improvements due to human intelligence are not required!

The five main advantages of bodyRevitaliser Zeolite:

1. It is 100% safe:

All traces of the toxins disappear from the body within 6 to 8 hours. It is safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and even Your pets. It is also safe to use in combination with most medicines, as long as they are not based on heavy metals. But as always You know that You should first consult Your doctor.

2. It removes heavy metals & toxins:

Micronized Zeolite has the perfect molecular structure to hold and remove heavy metals from the body without removing healthy ions and minerals. Many people report a sensation of increased energy, brightness and vitality after removing the collected heavy metals from the body.

3. It helps to neutralize the pH value of Your body

To a healthy alkalinity: when micronized Zeolite enters the body, it causes an alkaline change in the system (pH 7.35 to 7.45), the optimal pH value for Your body. Zeolite attracts superfluous protons, which until then cause acidity. In this way, Your body helps prevent many disorders.

4. It can help reduce the risk of disease:

there is clear evidence that micronized Zeolite removes toxins, which can cause diseases. more than 75% of our diseases are related to harmful substances. This does not mean that Zeolite is a treatment against diseases, but it is a very effective, natural and non-aggressive tool to integrate into the treatment.

5. Zeolite is easy to take in:

Most detoxifying products are difficult to take and must be injected into the blood or administered with a detoxifying agent.
Klysma. Zeolite works at cellular level, has no taste or smell and can be ingested on an empty stomach. You will not even consciously realize that You are drinking it.

That is why we naturally choose Zeolite with the highest possible level of 98% Clinoptilolite and a grain size of <0.2 µm.

Instructions for use:

In urgent cases of stomach complaints:

Put a teaspoon of Zeolite powder in a ~300ml glass filled with (revitalized) water. After being immersed in the water, stir firmly to quickly reach a complete solution. Then drink it immediately. Drink at least another half a glass of water to rinse the Zeolite residue out of the glass and out of Your mouth and swallow it. (You don't want to waste Zeolite). It tastes neutral; adding some juice would inhibit the detoxification process in acute cases of stomach complaints.

In the morning before breakfast:

In normal cases, You can add Organic Chia Seed, Marine Phytoplankton and Your favorite superfruit juice or natural coconut water, to create Your own Morning-Health-Elixir and give Your day a perfect start with a mineral base.

Before or after a large meal:

Drink half a glass of water with half a teaspoon of Zeolite powder, about 30 minutes before or after meals when Your stomach is trying to tell You something. This can be because of pain, sounds or a full feeling. Afterwards You drink at least half a meal glass of water to rinse the Zeolite residue from the glass and from Your mouth.

Before/during/after amalgam removal by Your dentist

During such a dentist's treatment, small chunks of amalgam will jump off during the removal process. It contains extremely harmful mercury. If these amalgam pieces stay in Your body for a longer period of time, they will eventually cause
Diseases and other malfunctions. Zeolite attracts these harmful substances and so they are guided out of Your body. The Fluoride, which is often used during such procedures, is also carried by the Zeolite. We recommend the bodyRevitaliser
Zeolite Detoxification Mineral Seal 6 weeks before, during the treatment period and 6 weeks after use, best off meals.

Externally on itchy skin:

Apply water mixed externally on the itchy skin and keep moist with water regularly.

Order Your Zeolite Detoxification Mineral and free Your body of all toxins now.

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