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Colloidal Gold Regenerator

bodyRevitaliser Colloidal Gold Regenerator


Wat is it?

Did you know that thousands of years ago the Chinese always cooked a small Gold coin in their food to absorb the energy of the Gold?

But have You ever heard about Colloidal Gold? No? You might know Gold in the form of jewellery, decoration and coins. You may also have heard about the use in industrial, electronic components because of the excellent electrical conductivity of gold.

Gold is an incredibly powerful and fundamental elixir of life and occurs naturally as a trace element - especially in the brain.It is essential for our cellular health, our life energy, youthfulness and even - and especially - for our mental condition. The use in medical applications is spreading very quickly because of its regenerative capacity.

In order to make Gold biologically available in the body, it has been discovered and, in the meantime also generally accepted, that Gold in the colloidal state is the most effective for our body.

Through its special electrical conductivity, Colloidal Gold frees Your body from energetic blockages, allowing You to noticeably regain more life energy and mental strength, and even heavier diseases gradually dissolve.

Colloidal Gold is a solution of pure distilled water with nanoscopic particles of 99.99% pure Gold, electrically charged by means of electrodes. bodyRevitalizer Colloidal Gold particles in this state are so miniscule - 10 nanometer to be precise - that they can easily "travel" through Your body and into every cell - even Your brain cells! - and do their “work” there. Your own Immune system knows exactly, where it can be used best at any time and directs the particles over there.

The 7 most important benefits of bodyRevitaliser Colloidal Gold Regenerator:

1. Its excellent electrical conductivity improves the cellular intercommunication and blood circulation. Diseases are caused by energy obstructions in Your body. If these are dissolved by means of Colloidal Gold, this energy can flow freely again and Your Immune System can initiate healing. It has a rejuvenating effect, because the cell regeneration improves significantly.

2. It regenerates Your gland system and thus ensures a more effective production of the necessary enzymes and hormones and therefore an overall improvement of Your physical health.

3. It accelerates the healing of wounds and other skin conditions. Apply to sun-burned skin, bruises, abrasions or even deeper wounds.

4. It has an antioxidative effect (protects against the infamous "free radicals"), acts as an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antibacterial agent and helps to dissolve tumors.

5. Gold makes You more agile and improves all motor skills, improves coordination ability, intelligence, memory and speed of understanding, stimulates You intuition, self-confidence, perception, focus and creativity.

6. It has an energizing and harmonizing particles effect on Your nervous system and has an activating and clarifying effect on Your mood, Your emotional and mental health.

7. The effectiveness of Colloidal Gold has never "fallen back", because this natural substance occurs everywhere in nature. However, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are becoming increasingly resistant to synthetic pharmaceutical antibiotics. Your body takes no action against and wastes no energy to remove Colloidal Gold from your body: on the contrary, Your Immune system "gladly" takes it in... and uses it in hundreds of processes all over Your body.

Why bodyRevitaliser Colloidal Gold Regenerator?

8. bodyRevitaliser Colloidal Gold contains very small - 10 nanometers - at a concentration of ~20 ppm, which can be optimally absorbed internally by the cells of Your body.

9. Now You can have it with You anytime and anywhere: in Your Miron Ultraviolet glass 100ml Spray bottle. Easy to dose and very easy to spray externally on Your skin.

10. It has a shelf life of more than 2 years in our closed Miron Ultraviolet glass bottles, ensuring it is airtight and 99% of incoming light is filtered out.

The history of Colloidal Gold

This invaluable gift of "Mother Nature" was used thousands of years ago by the Egyptian Pharaohs, Greeks and Romans, Chinese and Indian doctors. In Alexandria, Egypt, it was used to purify the body, mind and soul. In the Middle Ages it was used by Paracelsus, the ancestor of modern pharmacology, to produce medicines. Avicenna, St. Hildegard of Bingen and finally in the 19th century also bacteriologist Robert Koch praised it as "the" elixir of life.

"Of all the elixirs, Gold is the noblest and most important one for us. Gold can keep the body "invincable" .... Drinking gold heals all diseases, renews cells and tissues and is essential for hundreds of processes in our body.” Paracelsus

Aurum metallicum is one of the oldest medicines in human history - the "metal of light". Michael Faraday, the world-famous English doctor, has been considered the discoverer of Colloidal Gold since 1857. In the 19th century it was also very effectively used as a remedy against alcoholism. Healers have been using this substance for thousands of years, nowadays also in dentistry, since 1920 in rheumatism therapy and especially in homeopathy as a treatment against depression, anxiety and exhaustion.

In the past ~90 years, however, the (western) pharmaceutical industry has chosen to look for other methods and substances for the development of medicines. In recent years, however, Gold has come back into the limelight, not least because other industries have discovered the extraordinary properties for their own applications. Colloidal Gold also found new interest with homeopaths and well-informed people interested in natural medicine, such as You and we.

The miraculous effects of bodyRevitaliser Colloidal Gold Regenerator

Colloidal Gold works at the cellular level and promotes cell communication and energy production in the mitachondria. With a regular supply of these gold-particles, the entire body is thus energized with all its physical, mental and emotional positive effects, especially in the brain, the nervous system and the production of enzymes and hormones.

It also increases the conductivity of your DNA and drives your Immune and regenerative systems. Because of the improved flow of energy, the body is so to speak "regenerated". Several studies have been done, in which it was established that Your intelligence clearly improves after only three months of regular intake of Colloidal Gold and optimizes Your motor coordination and agility.

Colloidal Gold also results in an improvement of the production of Glutathione and SOD: 2 important antioxidants, which capture the "free radicals" and the so-called "super oxides" in Your body, inhibit inflammation (Abraham/Himmel study) and clear improvements in the fight against intestinal and liver disturbances, arthritis, rheumatism, heart rhythm disturbances and also ADHD have been established and all this WITHOUT ANY negative side effects.

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Sugar and all kinds of other harmful substances have a particularly negative effect on the connective tissue and the skin, causing the skin to slacken and wrinkle. Colloidal Gold shows clear cell-regenerating effects. Finally, we would like to mention the positive effects on the production of melatonin by the pineal gland, which makes it easier for you to sleep. Your pineal gland is also called the "third eye", which is essential for Your personal development.

This "stuff" seems useful to us and there is serious evidence about the positive effects. What do You think of it?

The composition of bodyRevitaliser Colloidal Gold Regenerator

The only ingredients needed to produce Colloidal Gold are distilled water and pure Gold. By holding Gold electrodes in the water under electrical power, gold particles of ~10 nano-meter are deposited into the water. Our Colloidal Gold has a concentration of ~20 ppm.

How can You check the quality of Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal Gold particles should stay floating in the distilled water and are not supposed not lie as sediment in Your reservoir/bottle, because the electrical charge should be stronger force then gravity should be. Colloidal Gold must be clear. The particle size affects the color of the solution and the larger the particles, the darker (violet) the liquid gets colored and the hardest it is colored more difficult than your body can absorb.

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