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Athmospheric Harmonizer

The bodyRevitaliser Atmospheric Harmonizer creates an energy field in a radius of up to 3 kilometres (3-dimensional) around the location by means of Orgonite, natural crystals, copper spirals and tubes.

On various websites so-called "cloudbusters" or "chembusters" are promoted, but this naming would not fully describe the functioning of our Harmonizer.

You can imagine this mentioned energy field as a 3 kilometer long - invisible - dome around you.

The first main function is the constant ionization and harmonization of the air - which You breathe - within this energy field.

The second main function is the constant harmonization of the electrons around you, the suppression of harmful electro-magnetic - and partly radioactive - radiation outwards and the diversion of flowing radiation around this energy field.

The strength and size of this energy field depends on the size and composition of the Harmonizer, which, by the way, always works without any electricity or special building regulations - when properly installed and used - and it will never break down.

The Harmonizer works so well that in calm, dry weather, with little wind, even a visible effect is created: not only the electro-magnetic radiation but also the clouds above your house are pushed away. (In certain weather conditions, clouds have an extra-strong electrical charge. As a result, they are "influenced" by the bodyRevitaliser Atmospheric Harmonizer and "pushed away" in the shape of a ring. When there is a lot of wind, the effect is less visible, which does not mean that the effect is less: the energy "dome" will not be as high.)

But what use is it to me?

In one word: protection, and, indeed, a very effective protection. Against what? Mainly electromagnetic radiation.

As you may know, we are surrounded by an increasing density of electrical devices and mobile communication transmitters. Nowadays almost all of us have a mobile phone and a WiFi network at home, with which we - of course - are able to communicate wonderfully well with each other and find interesting information.

Unfortunately, the amount of electromagnetic radiation has increased so much over the years that our bodies have to deal with it and/or will have to deal with it. Of course there is a big difference whether You live in an office with a lot of electrical devices and mobile communication devices in a big city or You usually live in the countryside or high up in a mountain region in a forest.

Officially, the radiation levels of all these electrical devices and especially mobile communication transmitters are according to the industry and official supervisory authorities - of course! - below the ever-increasing thresholds and have no 'demonstrable' health-damaging 'effects'. However, if You look beyond the "official data", You hear more and more about people complaining about headaches and fatigue during the day and sleep disorders during the night.

The planned - and already partly activated - new fifth generation mobile communications network is causing an enormous multiplication of this radiation, which is, of course, being 'talked away' because of economic interests. In various areas around the world, where this network is being built up very quickly, You can even hear about nosebleeds and other direct "health-critical effects". Of course, our children and the elderly - due to a weakened immune system - suffer the most from this. You don't have to believe us: however, we advise You to inform Yourself in the "objective part" of the Internet.

Of course, we would like everyone to enjoy the benefits of these communication options, however, we would like to protect You from the harmful effects.

That's why in recent years we've been looking for and found a solution.

In a wonderfully simple way, this product, the bodyRevitaliser Atmospheric Harmonizer provides for this protection and harmonization of Your living environment and the air You breathe.

We tend to forget, but the air we breathe is essential to our physical health... the latest after about two minutes... ;-)

What is this "thing"?

The bodyRevitaliser Atmosferische Harmonisator is composed of:

  1. a base module of ~15 kilos of orgonite, resin cast in the form of a round, ball shaped "flower pot" with 13 copper tubes in the formation of the sacred geometric symbol "Fruit of Life", including 13 188 MHz tensor rings (one per tube);

    The orgonite consists of pieces of 23-carat gold, copper, tin, bronze, steel, iron and aluminium, and on top completed with monoatomic gold. To enhance the energy field, it contains approximately 1 Kilo of natural crystals including Kyanite, Selenite, Shungite, Rutilated Quartz, Snow Quartz, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Black Tourmaline, Ametrine, Topaz, Mookaite, Red Pyrope Garnet, Serpentine, Chiastolite Cross, Turquoise, Lapis lazuli, Beryl, Aquamarine, Alum, Coral, Chaldeny & Sapphire.

  2. To strengthen and increase the energy field, the ~20cm copper tubes are extended with a connecting piece with either 180cm or 70cm long copper tubes.

  3. As an additional reinforcement, these (22mm) copper tubes are filled with Mountain Crystal Granulate (for the 180m extension tubes, this is no less than 10 kilos!).

  4. the "crown piece" of the empowerment of the energy field is the placement of 13 ~7cm large double ended Mountain Crystals, at the top in the 13 copper tubes. Together they form a combination from the fruit of Life and - 3-dimensional - an obelisk.

  5. For the stabilization of the tubes, a copper dish is pushed over it, in which You can also have Your personal crystals energetically charged.
  6. For a stable placement, we offer a round 32cm base plate made of out of orgonite.


And where do I best place this "device" ?

The optimal place is in Your garden, best under a roof, so no rainwater can get into the pipes => especially in winter when there is frost. You can place the base module directly on the ground or on the base plate in case the ground does not provide stability.

If You don't have a garden, You can also place the Harmonizer on a terrace or balcony, but not under a roof or balcony made of reinforced concrete. If this is the case, place the Harmonizer as far as possible on the outside of the balcony.


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