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Our unique concept


After we had defined the principle >Purify >Mineralize >Energize for our concept of aquaRevitaliser for Your water, the idea popped up, that we could also apply this principle to Your physical health.

The reasoning is, that when "aqua" in "aquaRevitaliser" stands for revitalizing Your water, "body" in "bodyRevitaliser" is the central subject for revitalizing Your body. And as You can see, this is where our above logo originated from.

What is "revitalizing"?

Revitalise is the collective term for the entire process from purification, mineralization to energizing.

After a completed extensive multi-year study of scientific studies, we have come to our basic principles as follows:

As a result, we have decided to source all our products directly and exclusively from Nature and to enable YouR Immune system to successfully carry out its work for You.

Our Objective

We set ourselves the objective and it is our explicit desire to help Your own Immune System to revitalize Your body and to achieve and maintain perfect, continuous, Youthful, physical and mental health.

Yes, but what is my benefit, You might say?

We assume that You are interested in good health, perhaps even in perfect, continuous, Youthful, physical and mental health.

Are we daydreaming?

Well, no: on the contrary, we have established that it is possible to achieve this objective. Many people have discovered the natural resources of our Earth and feel much more vivid and lighter. Of course, it is important to find the right balance and bodyRevitaliser intends to help You with that.

OK, let's assume that You are right: how?

Now, as explained in the aquaRevitaliser concept, one best purifies before one (re-)mineralizes and You should also better (re-)mineralize before starting to energize.

What do I have to think about with "purification"?

Unfortunately, in today's world and Your own living environment, not everything is as "clean" as You would think and dare to hope. Not only Your water, but also the air that You breathe, whatever You eat and drink is highly susceptible to many health-relevant pollutants and bacteria, viruses and various other harmful influences, such as electrosmog.

There is no point in becoming very anxious now, taking extreme measures and restricting Your freedom of movement and choice. What You CAN do, is taking action to free Your body from all these harmful influences.

First of all, it is of course helpful to place as little burden on Your body as possible with these harmful influences. We can give You suggestions on how to avoid certain hazards, and then use our products to help You to support the purification process: we've been looking for the most effective means to take care of the "purifying Your body" theme for You. This includes products for both external and internal use. Each product is currently the most effective product known to us to treat certain harmful influences.

Read more about this here.

What should I think about with "(re-)mineralize"?

When Your body is - largely - liberated from most harmful substances, it is important to replenish Your supply of essential minerals, so that Your Immune System can carry out its work properly. These minerals can be seen as the building blocks and basis for thousands of processes in Your body: from digestion of Your food to the production of enzymes and hormones.

What is meant with "energize"?

Although minerals can be considered to be the essential building blocks, there are still a lot of other substances that enable Your Immune System to energize Your entire body. You can think of vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, which ensure that You can perform Your daily activities effortlessly and feel fit. Physical fitness is also the basis for Your mental fitness.

Self-protection and healing....

We secretly added a fourth category....

In the previous 3 categories we have always assumed that You are generally "healthy". Unfortunately, this is not the reality for everyone. And of course, we do not want to leave those affected standing in the "rain".

ON THE CONTRARY. Although the products mentioned above should already offer a considerable improvement of Your health, and, in order not to have to "re-act" again and again, we also wish to help You protect Yourself from acute health threats in advance.

During our search for new products for health issues, raised by You and others, we always find interesting natural products.

As already mentioned, Your health is our goal and we consider Your own Immune System to be Your "resident doctor", who has experienced everything since Your birth and knows exactly what You need. That's why we went in search of various "health questions" and found several very effective products, with which Your immune system knows "what to do with" and thus brings the recovery of Your health within reach.

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