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Himalaya Rock Salt

What is Himalaya Rock Salt good for?

We are often encouraged to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to "flush toxins away." Simply too much drinking creates too much dilution. This lowers Your metabolism and actually aggravates Your body and Your cells, which are dependent on a certain concentration of minerals and electrolytes to function properly.

Drinking a Himalaya Salt Solution (sole) made from Himalaya Rock Salt, helps to moisturize Your body without the care of the mentioned excessive dilution. The fine molecule structure of Himalaya Salt, also dissolved in water, can be processed directly by Your Immune system and are transported anywhere these natural minerals are needed.

What do You do with Himalaya Rock Salt?

This form of Himalaya Salt dissolves in drinking water in a bottle or can. Depending on the temperature of the water, it will take 12-24 hours until the water is completely saturated at the maximum concentration of about 26%. This is the state, in which the water simply cannot absorb more salt. This will be referred to as a salt-water solution or sole.

How do You use a Himalayan Rock Salt solution?

You add a teaspoon of salt solution in a glass of water and drink it gradually sip for sip on which You, especially in the summer, deters to drink sugary soft drinks, all at an unhealthy acidification contributions from Your Body.

Order Your bodyRevitaliser Organic Himalayan Rock Salt now (Shelf life at least 5 years).

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