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What is Colloidal-Silver?

Colloidal Silver-is a solution of pure distilled water, with nanoscopic particles of 99.99% pure silver, which is allowed to separate by electric charge in the water. bodyRevitaliser-Colloidal Silver particles in this state are so tiny - ~ 10 nanometers to be precise - they simply by Your body can "travel" can get in each cell, and there can do their "work".

Where was / Colloidal-Silver is used for?

Already thousands of years ago was the effect of silver to the pharaohs, kings and nobility from Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire known and have their drinking water disinfected with. Paracelsus was his "silver water" in 1520 AD allow for internal use. Start was established 20th century, with Colloidal Silver-germs can be fought without any kind of side effect on the human body. Today it is even used on the ISS Space Station.

As the special effect of Colloidal-Silver

These silver particles are so tiny that they can easily penetrate into virus-cells and bacteria. Once there, the pathogens extracted from oxygen, making them die. In the meantime, it is well known that colloidal silver is quite effective. Unfortunately modern synthetic antibiotics not only destroy the unwanted searching agents, but also the good and useful organisms own cells. On top of pathogens tend more and more to develop immunity against pharmaceutical substances. Colloidal silver leaves beneficial organisms and cells unharmed.

How do you Colloidal-Silver?

Spray, after shaking the dropper vial, 3x in a large glass of water, stir and drink it between meals every day. Colloidal-Silver will stay in your body because it is also used for other processes. This gives the added benefit that you You preventively to protect against invading pathogens!

Now see also Your customers bodyRevitaliser-Colloidal Silver: a century old and still one of the most effective disinfectants on Earth!

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