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Organic Chia Seed

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Why is buying Chia seeds a good idea for your health?

In recent years, the term "superfoods" has also become increasingly popular in Germany. Superfoods are edible fruits, nuts, seeds and plants with an above-average content of healthy nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Superfood is also free of pesticides and other chemical substances and additives.

One of the most popular superfoods are Organic Chia Seeds. Buying Organic Chia Seeds is often one of the first things You think about when it comes to superfoods. But what exactly are Organic Chia Seeds and why are they good for YOrganic Chia Seeds Your health to switch to buying them?

Buy Organic Chia Seeds: what are Organic Chia Seeds?

For people who buy Organic Chia Seeds, it is also interesting to know exactly what kind of product it is. Organic Chia Seeds come from the plant species Salvia hispanica, which grows mainly in central and southern Mexico and parts of Guatemala. Today it is also grown in other countries, including Argentina, Bolivia and Australia. It is packed full of omega-3 fats, fibres and proteins.

Organic Chia Seeds: what are they good for?

You're going to buy organic chia seeds, so you want to know exactly what it's good for. Thanks to the healthy composition of the seeds, it has several positive effects on your body and your general well-being.

Omega-3 fats

People who buy organic chia seeds know that each tablespoon contains about two grams of these fats, one of the highest concentrations in nature. Omega-3 promotes the immune system, brain functions and cholesterol levels.


Proteins are important for the muscle and cell structure in your body and for your energy level. For this reason, athletes often buy organic chia seeds.


Organic chia seed is full of fibers, and these have several important effects on your body. You keep your blood sugar level low while having a particularly happy feeling after eating. This can help people who want to lose weight.


Why people who pay attention to their health buy organic chia seeds becomes clear again when we look at the minerals contained in this "superfood". Among other things, they contain six times as much calcium as milk, which is good for the bones, and they contain three times as much iron as spinach, which provides you with energy.


The blue berry may be the best known source, but organic chia seeds contain up to 30% more antioxidants. These substances counteract the so-called "free radicals" in your body, which improves skin aging. Buying organic chia seeds can help you stay young.

Buy organic chia seeds: How can you eat it?

Organic chia seeds have little taste in themselves. It is therefore mainly used as a supplement in the preparation of various drinks and meals. It can be mixed with the cereal or sprinkled over the salad. You can also do it in the blender if you make fruit juice or stir a sauce. In short, the applications of organic chia seeds in your daily diet are simple and endless.

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