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Oceans Alive Marine-Phytoplankton

Oceans Alive Marine phytoplankton is a special type of plankton with a long list of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. Order now this most powerful superfood on earth!

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Oceans Alive Marine-Phytoplankton

"The most powerful superfood on earth," we don't say that lightly at BodyRevitaliser. A little introduction is certainly in order here.


Marine Phytoplankton is an exceptional energy booster.
It gives your body all the building blocks it needs to support all its processes.

All the essential systems in your body - from the cardiovascular system, digestion to your immune system - are stimulated with this complete spectrum of nutrients.

One pipette of our liquid Marine Phytoplankton is equivalent to 350mg in powder form. This makes us comparatively the cheapest provider on the Dutch market.

Marine Phytoplankton is the food source for all life in the oceans. The main task of these single-celled microalgae is to convert inorganic "inanimate" substances such as seawater, minerals, sunlight and CO2 into more than 100 living, edible, organic nutrients and oxygen.

The type of Phytoplankton we offer is Nannochloropsis Gaditana. This particular species perfectly matches the nutritional needs of humans.

Exactly the right balanced amount of amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, minerals and pigments your body needs. In short: It is Mother Nature's most original, perfect and powerful food on earth!


Carefully and purely cultivated
Our Marine Phytoplankton is carefully grown in protected, pure conditions in a photobioreactor: an enclosed growth environment with the perfect growing conditions and balanced nutrition.

Pristine ocean water, pure CO2 and natural sunlight create exactly the conditions to grow Marine Phytoplankton in the best possible way.
An intensive process: it requires 90 days of careful attention to every detail to complete a complete growth cycle.


bodyRevitaliser Marine Phytoplankton's composition:

·       Alanine

·       Arachidic Acid

·       Arachidonic Acid

·       Arginine

·       Aspartic Acid

·       Astaxanthin

·       Betacarotene

·       Bioflavinoids

·       Biotin

·       Boron

·       Calcium

·       Capric Acid

·       Chlorophyll

·       Chromium

·       Cobalt

·       Copper

·       Cysteine

·       DHA

·       Eicosadienoic Acid

·       EPA

·       Eicosatrienoic Acid

·       Eicosenoic Acid

·       Elaidic Acid

·       Folic Acid

·       GLA

·       Germanium

·       Glutamic Acid

·       Glutamine

·       Glycine

·       Glycogen

·       Heptadecanoic Acid

·       Histidine

·       Iodine

·       Iron

·       Isoleucine

·       Lauric Acid

·       Leucine

·       Lignoceric Acid

·       Linoleic Acid

·       Linolelaidic Acid

·       Linolenic Acid

·       Lysine

·       Magnesium

·       Manganese

·       Methionine

·       Methylcobalamin

·       Molybdenum

·       Myristic Acid

·       Myristoleic Acid

·       Niacin (Vitamin B3)

·       Nickel

·       Nonadecanoic Acid

·       Nucleic Acid

·       Oleic Acid

·       Palmitic Acid

·       Pantothenic Acid

·       Pentadecanoic Acid

·       Phenylalanine

·       Phosphorous

·       Potassium

·       Proline

·       Riboflavin

·       S.O.D.

·       Serine

·       Silicon

·       Sodium

·       Stearic Acid

·       Substance-P

·       Theanine

·       Thiamine

·       Threonine

·       Tridecanoic Acid

·       Tyrosine

·       Valine

·       Vanadium

·       Vitamin B6

·       Vitamin B12

·       Vitamin C

·       Vitamin E

·       Zinc

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