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"Revitalisation" is the collective term used for the process of "Purify (English: Purify)","Mineralisation (English: Mineralize)" and "Energize (English: Energize)" in this order.

The mission of aquaRevitaliser is to help You to improve the quality of Your tap water.

The idea behind this is, that it is best to purify first before (re-)mineralizing. It also makes sense to (re-)mineralize first, before you start energetizing.

The end result is 99% of all hazardous substances and electro-magnetic radiation (caused by mobile communications, electrical lines and equipment) will have been removed, remineralized with 108 minerals, molucular restructured and enumerated with activated oxygen and healthy energy frequencies.

Advantages of revitalized water?

Revitalized drinking and bathing water has the following advantages:

  • Purified: it is much purer than the best tap water, also the chlorine and fluoride added by the water company! and the harmful substances have been removed from the water system;
  • Mineralized: it contains all 108 minerals that occur on Earth, so you can rightly call this mineral-water: important building materials for thousands of processes and every organ and cell in your body.
  • Energized: because of the new natural molecular structure, the water is better absorbed by Your body;

All aquaRevitaliser products are classified in these categories, so that You always know in which "phase" You can find the product. Each product provides an important and necessary improvement in water quality.

Check out to revitalize your drinking and bathing water.

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